Tuesday, April 24, 2007


PM: 65 min :: 10M (10x150m hill sprints; 1 mile 5:20)

Ran with a bit of an upset stomach tonight, which made for a rather uncomfortable workout. I ran the hill sprints on East River Rd behind CMU. They averaged about 1-2 seconds faster than I ran them previously this winter. A lot of that has to do with the fact I was wearing fewer layers of clothes this time around as well as I'm rested, but it was encouraging nonetheless. On the way back I decided to run a hard mile going by what feels like somewhere between marathon and tempo effort. I went through 1/2 mile in 2:35 so I backed off some and ran fairly relaxed the rest of the way.

I've decided to follow the Daniels Training Formula (loosely) as I key on TCM. It calls for two workouts a week with most efforts at threshold or marathon effort. As I read over the program it looked intriguing and I figured it would be interesting to try something new. I'll have to switch some things around since I would still like to get a 3 hour run in every 3-4 weeks and I'll probably add in some hill work. Part of the program is also selecting a peak mileage for the training cycle. My first inclination was to go back up to 130-140 range, but as I have class two nights a week this summer/fall and the hard workouts on the schedule look to be pretty demanding, I think 115-120 will suffice. If I learned anything from the 100k it was that it is better to come in with less volume and healthy than high volume and aching.

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Loomdog said...

Great reading Patrick. It will be interesting to follow along as you prep for TCM. I too am following the JD marathon plan (plan B- form the 98 edition) with my own ultra version of LONG long runs monthly. 6 weeks in and none of the workout has seemed too difficult prior to running them. But, during them they feel more difficult than I thought the would. Yet afterword I have less soreness than I am used to from previous methods of all out hard intervals and recover quicker.
Good luck,

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog Patrick thanks to your recent interview on Elite Running News. Best of luck on your buildup toward Twin Cities. I used Daniel's A Plan after a 10 year layoff from the sport at the age of 40. Got to love those TLT workouts. I may use a modified B Plan for Boston in '08. Regards,