Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Need For Speed

PM: 1M (4:59); 4 x 200-200-400 (64 avg/63.4 last); 1M (4:46); rec - 1 min/200s; 2 min/400s; 3M wm/4M cd :: 11M

The original plan was to do mile repeats tonight, but, even though I was feeling fine, I just wasn't motivated to do long intervals on the indoor track. So I decided there would be some benefit to working the faster end of the spectrum since I have rarely run faster than 5k pace this year.

I started off with what was supposed to be a "tempo" mile. Well, I'm coming off two rest days so my legs were a little juiced. The result was 4:59. A little faster than it was supposed to be, but I didn't care. I was excited because it felt so easy. I can remember years where I've gone through the mile at the Human Race in 5:00 and thought my legs were going to fly off.

The 200-200-400 sets were a struggle. My legs just have not worked that hard/fast in a long time. The sets broke down like this:

1. 32.6, 32.3, 66.1
2. 32.7, 31.9, 64.9
3. 31.4, 31.8, 63.3
4. 31.6, 31.7, 63.4

I had originally planned on doing 5-6 sets, but after four I knew I was done. It was getting harder to hold form and I was little sore form the turns on the indoor track (even in lane 6).

After jogging with Greg S. for awhile I recovered well and decided to close out the workout with another tempo run. When I hit 800m in 2:24 I decided to see how fast I could run "comfortably" the rest of the way and ended in 4:46. My high school coach, Mr Schmitt, would have kicked my ass after a stunt like that. But it felt good, so sue me.

On a completely unreleated note, I came across a funny quote from The Office today: "The best way to learn is by watching. Thats why porn is a multibillion dollar industry." Words to live by.

Good stuff.

File under "All in the name of science"
Colbert wins the lottery

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loomdog said...

I like how you are disciplined enough to get faster as the workout went on...even when you are not in too good of touch with your current fast speed. Impressive. That is the kinda thing a 100K-er needs: a good ear for the signals your body is giving. Good luck!