Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Morning Slip And Slide

AM: 68 min :: 10+M (11:04 for last 2M)

Another easy day following the long run Sunday. Not too much to report. The River Rd trail is pretty nasty right now. All the melting/freezing going on is making the track pretty slick. Never fear, warmer temps are in the forecast for the end of the week. So maybe we'll finally be able to move on.

I'm trying to decide how to spread out my workouts over the next couple of weeks. I'd like to go to the track twice, do 2-3 hill workouts and another medium long/hard run.

Of course I have to factor the Human Race in there as well. I'm very interested to see how I make out there this year. In the past I've generally come in under-prepared, just racing off base and hill workouts. Last year I somehow managed to run 24:20 doing that. With all the speed work and high mileage the past couple of months there is a certain expectation that I should run faster. Wait and see I guess.

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