Monday, September 13, 2010

I Am the Autumnal Sun

Monday, August 30 - Easy Run
6.15M, 44:19
Garmin Data 

Tuesday, August 31 Easy Run/Turnover
a.m. 4.16M, 30:03
Garmin Data
p.m. 6.35M, 42:52 (6x200 fast relaxed)
Garmin Data

Wednesday, September 1 - Easy/Tempo 400s
a.m. 4.17M, 30:31
Garmin Data
p.m.10.0M, 1:04:39 (12x400, 30sec R, 73.7 avg)
Garmin Data

Thursday, September 2 - Recovery Run
7.5M, 55:31
Garmin Data 

Friday, September 3 - Hilly Loops (3)
15.01M, 1:43:28
Garmin Data

Saturday, September 4 - Recovery Run
5.35M, 38:47
Garmin Data

Sunday, September 5 - Hilly Loops (4)
18.39M,  2:02:19
Garmin Data

Total Week Miles: 77.06M
Total Week Time: 8hr 52min 32sec

Monday, September 6 - Recovery Run
6.07M, 44:06
Garmin Data

Tuesday, September 7 - Easy/Turnover
a.m. 5.07M, 37:31
Garmin Data
p.m. 8.08M, 54:29 (8x200 fast relaxed)
Garmin Data

Wednesday, September 8 - Easy/Tempo Run
a.m. 4.21M, 31:01
Garmin Data 
p.m. 10.14M 1:05:47 (incl 4M@5:40 avg on road+trail)
Garmin Data

Thursday, September 9 - Recovery Run
8.04M, 57:30
Garmin Data

Friday, September 10 - Hilly Loops (3)
15.01M, 1:39:37
Garmin Data

Saturday, September 11 - Tempo 5k Race
6.07M, 38:29 (incl 5k@ 17:13, gravel/rain)
Garmin Data

Sunday, September 12 - Long Run
27.17M, 3:00:02
Garmin Data

Total Week Miles: 89.86M (ed. - sooooo close)

Total Week Time: 10hr 8min 37sec

I don't know that I could have asked much more from the first two weeks of "real" training for JFK. With the exception of yesterday's long run, I haven't felt spectacular, but I haven't suffered either. Every effort has been manageable and I've recovered well day-to-day. With my overriding goal/interest being consistency, that is a good sign.

My long run yesterday was a pleasant surprise. I finished feeling relatively fresh, but managed an average pace that is much faster than most of my recent runs.  I believe credit is due to the hilly loops I'm focusing on this month.  1500-2000ft of climbing in 15-18miles is a drop in the bucket compared to the mountain/trail folks, but I'm climbing it at a faster rate and I'm not going to be climbing much more than that at JFK (where it will all be in the first 15 or so miles). But regular running of these loops is building an ever deepening reservoir of strength that will serve me well in the coming weeks as I add a little more volume and intensity.

For the first time in a long time I'm feeling relaxed and rested and it is starting to show up in my training.

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crowther said...

Glad you're getting fit, Pat! That Sunday run looks like it was an excellent effort!