Friday, October 01, 2010

Backtracking, Part I: Sept 13 - 19

Monday, September 13 -Recovery Run
6.12M, 44:20
Garmin Data

Tuesday, September 14 - Easy Run/Turnover
am: 6.09M, 43:17
Garmin Data
pm: 7.15M, 46:39 (8x200 fast, relaxed)
Garmin Data

Wednesday, September 15 - Easy/Track workout
am: 5.19M, 37:03
Garmin Data
pm: 12.12M, 1:20:09
(8x400, 25sec rec 74.9 avg interrupted by soccer scrimmage)
(6x300, 300m rec, 48.9 avg)

Garmin Data

Thursday, September 16 - Off/Sick

Friday, September 17 - Easy/Hilly Loops (4)
am: 5.02M, 34:54
Garmin Data
pm: 18.52M, 2:00:44
Garmin Data

Saturday, September 18 - Recovery Run
8.51, 1:03:32
Garmin Data

Sunday, September 19 - Long Run/Hilly Loops
22.01M, 2:24:16
Garmin Data

Total Week Miles: 90.73
Total Week Time: 10hr 14min 58sec

I'm playing catch-up on the last few weeks of training here.  My fitness is progressing well, although I do notice that my turnover and general comfort level at faster speeds is lagging more than in my younger days. Also the lack of consistent speedwork across training cycles since 2007 means I've lost a lot and it's not going to comeback just like that.

That is why I'm comfortable taking the longer view right now.  I'm taking it slow and crossing my fingers that over the next couple years I'll get back to and surpass my past fitness. Believe it or not, I think I still have a 5k PR in me (14:37), but it's not going to happen this year and probably not next.

I feel confident that I have my optimal mix of training right now or at least a cycle of training that I'm confident will keep me healthy and improving.

As far as this week specifically, the hilly loops continue to give me strength and I'm able to attack the 1.4 mile climb now, instead of just surviving it. Five loops is a record for me.

The workout on Wednesday was supposed to be my tried and true 16x400 with 25-30sec job recovery. However, the newly formed MTU women's soccer team had a scrimmage and the "homestretch" of the blacktop oval was occupied. I switched to hard (~mile race pace) 300s instead. It pays to be flexible.

90 miles in six days and I didn't feel like I was pressing. I like it.

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