Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treading Water

Monday, August 9 - Recovery Run
Garmin Data

Tuesday, August 10 - Short Intervals
Garmin Data

Wednesday,  August 11 - Rest
Bad overnight, too tired

Thursday, August 12 - Hill Repeats
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Friday, August 13 - Easy Run
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Saturday, August 14 - Long Run
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Sunday, August 15 - Rest

Total Week Miles: 49.11M
Total Week Time: 5:41:46

Grinding and grinding and grinding my way to the end of the month, just trying to keep my  fitness intact through this crazy period where Katie is working 100+ hour weeks and Charlotte is teething and adjusting to daycare germs.

In the back of my mind I think it is probably overall a good thing and I shouldn't try to press too hard. Once the calendar hits September I still have twelve weeks until JFK, more than enough time to get in four long, long runs and plenty of workouts. It just the Type-A, competitive runner part of me that wants to start hitting it right now!

One issue that has presented itself and I hadn't considered until recently, is morning running in the dark. For archaic, nonsensical reasons, where we are at in the UP is in the eastern time zone. So when I head out to run at 5:30a.m. right now, it is pitch black. For you central time zoners imagine running at 4:30a.m.  The Daylight Savings change later in the fall won't have much effect either.  So that makes doing speedwork a little extra challenging.  The "track" at Michigan Tech isn't lit and doesn't get very good ambient light.  Same for Houghton High School.  That means I'll probably do a lot of it on the road wherever I can find enough light that I'm not going to step off a curb or run into a deer - no easy task up here.

Along with that, does anyone else notice how hard it is to run hard in the dark? It seems that I gauge so much of my effort visually - how fast is stuff going by.  Also I can't see my watch.  I suppose this could be a good thing because it will truly be running by feel, but it is disorienting.

August 30th, August 30th, August 30th, (clicks heels). Nothing.


Evan Roberts said...

I've always found running in the dark makes it feel faster than it really is. Enjoyable on a recovery run, not great when you're running 10 seconds slower than optimal pace on a tempo.

Anonymous said...

I've never found it easy running in the dark. I've tried the early morning stuff, particularly in the winter, but it just does not work for me. I'd rather just get the extra rest for a better workout or run in the light. Although night running can be peaceful to many, it seems more of a cumbersome venture to me. I can't see very well ahead even with the best lights and therefore have to slow down and try and pick my way through the run. I guess it's not that big of a deal on trail because you are typically running slower anyway, or a slow run on the roads. Running Superior 100mile on that wicked trail at night was interesting to say the least. Running at night on a dirt road 100miler like Heartland was a lot more soothing, but of course one is naturally going to run slower in an ultra versus heading out the door and trying to run an easy 6:20-30 pace run in the dark is tough.

Glad you are all doing well, albeit busy.