Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marking the Time

So I'll avoid recapping our life for the past year in detail and just refer anyone interested to head over to Charlotte's blog where it's all laid out in detail.

Suffice it to say running consistently has been a challenge. Fatigue, injury, and simply a lack of opportunity have all drained much of the fitness I recouped over Spring/Summer 2009.

I'm not necessarily starting from scratch, but I'm very far removed from real speedwork and volume and it's going to be a struggle to get it back, especially in light of my advancing age. I saw my 2:44 "long run" at Grandma's as a good starting point. And strangely enough, my dropout at Afton as well. Never been one for the heat, but to be able handle the hills the way I did for one lap at least was encouraging and makes me feel as though there is some muscle memory there to build on.

So instead of focusing on the next race, I'm focusing on the next year and basing my goals around consistency and steady improvement. It's a three-race year for me:

Fall 2010: JFK 50mile
Spring 2011: US 100k Championships (likely Mad City again)
Fall 2011: World Cup 100k (pending making the team, of course)

I don't have any aspirations beyond getting to the starting line of those races healthy and ready to compete.

The last week of training:

Monday, August 2 - Easy Run
Garmin Data

Tuesday, August 3 - Hilly Run
Garmin Data

Wednesday, August 4 - Easy Trail +Diagonals
Garmin Data

Thursday, August 5 - Easy Run
Garmin Data

Friday, August 6 - Easy Trail Run
Garmin Data

Saturday, August 7 - Two Hour Run
Garmin Data

Sunday, August 8 - Two Hour Run
Garmin Data

Total Week Miles:     69.24
Total Week Time:     8:10:44

Getting the 2hr-run double in on the weekend was a major step forward.  It provided a nice symmetry to the same weekend last year where I got a 3hr/2hr back-to-back in (albeit at a much faster pace).  It shows I'm working in the right direction.

The "diagonals" are just something I've been doing the past month or so to get in some speedwork that doesn't feel like speedwork. I am to replace them with something a little more formal this coming week, either hills or 2s and 4s.

August is a crazy month for us family wise. Katie begins working 18hour days starting this weekend through the end of the month (new student orientation begins) so I'll try to fit runs around her schedule. Charlotte starts day care this Thursday (half-time) so there will be an adjustment period there as well. And with that, I'll be going back to work in the afternoons.

So the whole month is going to be a balancing act, but I feel like I've given myself permission to do what I can and not stress over shortened or missed runs. I've set up a babysitter the next two Saturdays so I can get in a couple 2.5-3 hour runs and if I can sprinkle in the occasional fartlek or short-speed/turnover workout or hill repeat session I should be able "start" training for JFK September 1. That's the plan.

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