Monday, August 20, 2007

Slow Down

AM: 64 min :: 9M
PM: 1:13 :: 11M

Just another day in the neighborhood. This morning I tried the "Run as slowly as possible without walking" recovery method and, while it was far from "barely running", it was still a very relaxed pace. I just figured if everything I read says elite runners (African and American both) run a piss-slow paces on their easy days, why am I any different. It would have been nice if I had jumped on this train a little earlier. As you can see I still need some work on it, but at this point anything is better.

1 comment:

Loomdog said...

Great! I think this is a good idea. I blame my own running subpar performances on running too hard on easy days. During The good stretch of training I had in Egypt I tried to make easy days crazy easy...and I felt good on workout days doing it.

Keep it solid and I'll see you at JFK. You are motivating me to get my ass back out on the road. My last month has been total crap after a dissapppointing VT 100. Have fun with Wynn coming up!