Saturday, August 25, 2007

Return To Afton

AM: 1:31 :: 14M

I joined Wynn out at Afton State Park for one of his last hard runs before the Superior 100. I haven't been back to Afton since the 50k in July, but I will be seeing more of it as I prepare for the JFK 50M. Wynn didn't waste anytime getting into it as we hammered up the first climb five minutes into the run. By the time we reached the top I was wondering what I got myself into. I figured I'd be a little tired today since this will be my highest mileage week in awhile, but I didn't take into account how the hills would pound me. I held my own on the downhills, even though I was probably more tentative than necessary (still have to regain some comfort on dirt and roots). As the run went on however I got in a groove and the effort seemed to become more manageable. It helped that we ran a healthy section of the trail along the river. The pace was quick, but the terrain more suitable for my road runner legs.

It was good to go out and hammer on trails for awhile. Its fun to (as long as you feel good) to zip along through the woods. Easy access to trails is one of the things I miss most about Duluth. You can't have everything I guess.

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keith said...

You two were hauling ass and having a conversation at the same time. I don't know what was more impressive...the pace you were keeping or the fact that you cooked up that big hill and came out of it talking normally -- where the majority of us mortals would be heaving for air.