Friday, August 24, 2007

From Zero To Hero

PM: 1:33 :: 14M

Quite an interesting day. After last night's workout I decided to skip a morning run and, depending on how I felt later on, maybe take the whole day off. I spent most of my day at an American Payroll Association seminar at The Marquette. Since that got done early and Katie was at the State Fair with her parents I took the train home pretty sure I was taking a zero today. But the weather was so nice and my legs felt pretty good so I headed out for one of those "go as far as I feel like" runs. It turned out to be one of those effortless runs that comes out of nowhere sometimes. I found myself holding back to make sure I recovered. That is always a good feeling. So today served as a nice reprieve it what has otherwise been a difficult period of running.

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crowther said...

Obviously that American Payroll Association seminar was quite inspiring! You should attend another one (or perhaps the same one?) immediately before Twin Cities.