Sunday, July 01, 2007


AM: 1:45 :: 15M

My first run with others in awhile. Kurt, Greg, Jason, Steve and I ran from Greg's (now old) house in St Louis Park. It was a nice run for me because I don't run in this area that often. We hit some of Cedar Lake, Theo Wirth, Sculpture Garden/Walker, Lake of Isles, etc, etc. I didn't feel particularly good this morning. Flat would be an apt description.

Katie actually got a day off from Orientation Leader training. It was pretty much a model of the ideal day: a.m. run, shower, 3 hour nap, dinner at The Good Earth (bison burger, mmmm), movie (Knocked Up - beyond excellent), and off to bed.

It was almost enough to make me forget I have to to work tomorrow....almost.

Flight of the Conchords deal with the "issues".

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