Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finishing Strong...Finally

AM: 2:04 :: 2E; 2x2T (2min E); 60 min; 3T; 2E :: 20M

5:12, 5:21 (10:33)
5:08, 5:20 (10:28)
9M (59:25)
5:15, 5:13, 5:17 (15:45)

I started a little later than planned today. I was concerned it might get too warm, but I ended up running a perfect route on a perfect day (good shade). Got out a little too fast on the first 2M, but the second mile split was a surprise. I felt I had held the same pace, but apparently I had backed off a little too much. Ditto on the second 2M interval. It is apparent so far in this training cycle that I am a very bad judge of pace/effort. Hopefully repeated workouts like this will help me out in that respect. I ran the easy hour down to Fort Snelling and around Pike Island. The temp was getting a little warm, but this whole route was shaded very well. Once again I didn't bring water with me, but it didn't seem to have as deleterious an effect as last weekend. However, I was carrying some good fatigue into the 3M threshold interval.

During the whole run I pondered whether I use too much mental energy early on in my workouts/races. I was watching an interview with Bob Kennedy on Flocasts Thursday and he referenced "controlled agression". Today I thought about that in respect to the workout. The first 2x2T and 60 min E are both just setting up the second 3T. The 3T is the meat of the workout really and if I let the pace slip or psyche myself out I've kind of missed the point. So I really focused during the final 3T and the splits were respectable. It was hard, but that is the point too.

Once again I ran the cooldown at a good clip in order to work the ultra side of things - running a moderate pace when fatigued and a little beat up.

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Mike said...

Kennedy obviously knows his stuff. I also like Pete Pfitzinger's comments about how to use (or not use) your mental energy during the marathon. He mentions trying to get through the first half of the race without thinking about much of anything save for trying to keep the pace even.

Hell, I spend days hardly thinking so I must be a natural.

This sounds like a tough run, especially with that last section looming in the distance.