Monday, July 02, 2007

Week of Jun 25 - July 1

Total Miles for Week (Year): 103 (2265)
Long Run: 20M

I finally made my way back over the century mark. And I did it with some good quality and only two doubles. Maybe I'm on to something here. The upcoming week should be a doozy. Back to the track on Tuesday, longish double on Thursday, and a hilly 50k out at Afton on Saturday. As always, recovery inbetween will be key.

On the 100k vs TCM front: it looks like Greg will be going, so long as his family can work out the financial end of it. I know I'm not alone on this, but I think its ridiculous that dollars and cents ends up deciding the quality of the team we send to a world championship, even in a fringe event like 100k. I hope Greg is able to make it work because a 1-2 punch of Howard Nippert and Greg would put us right in the medal hunt. As for my own situation, it really comes down to whether or not Bob and/or Chad decide to run. It occured to me that I'm really in a win-win situation: I'd be ecstatic about running either the World Cup 100km or TCM. That helps motivate me to put in the (hard) miles in the summer heat.

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