Friday, June 29, 2007

First Gear

AM: 66min :: 10M

A very strange run this morning. I wore my watch for whatever reason. I was eager to get into work early, but I in retrospect, I don't know how having my watch would make that happen. I guess it was less stressful knowing exactly what time it was. Anyway, I felt like I was running at a pretty good clip this morning, but every time I passed a "split" I was slow. Not necessarily slow I guess, but I was running closer to 7:00 than 6:30. I wasn't tired at all, everything felt strong, and all that good stuff. I guess I was just stuck in first gear. I closed with a 5:16 mile and that seemed to wake my legs up a bit.

I had my first visit to the Folske Clinic this afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting this hamstring in proper working order and if there is anything he can do about this psoas/ab deal even better. My hamstring does feel better tonight or at least I feel like I have better range of motion.

"Often after sex I ask a woman to go for a quick jog.."
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