Thursday, June 28, 2007


AM: 1:17 :: 11M
PM: 62 min :: 9M (45 min @7-8.5%)

A couple of good runs today. This morning everything was clicking. The pace was a little slower, but overall the soreness that has been present for awhile was managable. I have my first appointment at the Folske Clinic tomorrow to address those issues.

It was hard to convince myself to go on the treadmill today. The weather was ideal outside, but I needed to do one of those long hill runs on the 'mill. Shucks! Besides producing pools of sweat on and around the treadmill (I used the fan this time Katie), the run went well. In contrast to the other workouts like this I've done, I kept the pace slower (6:50-7:00) but fiddled with the incline a little more. Let me tell you, 8.5% was working me over, but when I came back down to 7.0% the difference was amazing. Its all about raising that threshold I guess. I'm going to try to get in 6-8 of these runs before TCM (or 100k, whichever comes first).

"She's what we call a 'loose cannon.' We don't control her."

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