Saturday, June 09, 2007

Feels Like Home

AM: 2:06 :: 20M (2M easy; 3M threshold; 60 min/9M easy; 3M threshold; 3M easy)

Its easy to love Duluth on days like today. Temps in the high 50s/low 60s, sunshine, and breezy. Of course the breezy part might not be ideal next week if it blows the same direction as today. The only comfort I can provide those running next weekend is that the weather changes minute-to-minute on the North Shore so maybe we'll get lucky.

Katie and I got into Duluth around 7:30 and met up with friends at the Brewhouse. Whilst there we saw a good number of aquaintances from our time in Duluth. It was really pretty scary how many people we knew were eating at Fitgers on a random Friday night. We were wondering if it was a sign of some sort.

This morning Katie and I drove to the Portland Malt Shoppe and Mile 24 of the Marathon. I set out with the wind, warming up to the 22 mile mark. The first 3M threshold run was up and down. I went through the approximate 1/2M mark by Glensheen in 2:33, eased off, but then came through in 5:21. I didn't feel like I over compensated, but mile 2 was 5:02. Go figure. Maybe I was just getting warmed up. Mile 3 was 5:11 and felt pretty relaxed.

My original plan was to continue running out and back on the course for the hour of easy running, but I decided, since I was near Lester Park I would run up Seven Bridges Road to Hawks Ridge to tour around for awhile. Of course that meant a 1+ mile climb right after the threshold run, but once I crested Skyline Pkwy in Hawks Ridge it was worth it. The flies though. My god the flies.

I cut across from Skyline to the Amity Creek Trail and came back down the hill on the Lester Park Trails. By the time I got back to the 19M mark of the Marathon I was at 60:02. Pretty good timing. The second 3M threshold run was into a pretty stiff wind so I determined I would run by feel rather than adhering to a strict split each mile. Even then I was still able to come through the first mile in 5:17. Mile 2 I must have lost some concentration or something (split 5:28). I recovered to finish it off in 5:14 for the last stretch along London Rd.

Overall I was pretty happy with this workout because I felt more comfortable with the pace, even more so than I did during the 1/2 marathon last week. I suppose thats the point of this isn't it?

I attempted the "cold bath" of Lake Superior and lasted all of 15 seconds. If I had something to cover my toes I may have been able to last longer, but at this point in the year it is still pretty chilly.

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