Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sweating It

AM: 42 min :: 6M
PM: 61 min :: 9M (45 min @ 7%)

Well, the plan called for another hill run on the treadmill. It seemed a little too soon to do it since I had just done the same thing last Friday, but we have social plans Thurs/Fri and it looks like I will be running New Prague 1/2 on Saturday. I really did ponder whether I should run inside on the treadmill when it was such a nice day out, but in the end I felt I would get the most benefit from the original workout. 50 min @ 7% was the goal, but when I reached 45 min I was ready to be done. I did set the pace a little faster this time around. Since I usually ditch the treadmill by mid-April and don't get on again until November, I have never dealt with the amount of sweat produced when running hard on a treadmill with 80 degree temps outside. It was like I took a salty shower. I seriously had to towel off like I just got out of the shower.

What happened Mario?
Zombies are people too. Undead people that is.
If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.


Katie said...

You're gross. And so are the droplets of sweat you left around the treadmill (meant in the nicest way possible).

Eric said...

You had me at 'salty shower'.

Vomiting. You had me vomiting.

Thanks for the Flight of the Conchords link the other day. I had never heard of those guys, but like most things from New Zealand, those guys are tops.