Thursday, May 10, 2007


PM: 62 min :: 9+M

Ran home from work today the long way. I took the lower trail along the east side of the river for the first time. I was expecting actually "trail", but it turned out to be paved the whole way; a little disappointing. Once I got to the end of that portion I headed up to the River Rd and ran a loop around Denesynor neighborhood by the Town and Country Club. I think the last thing I needed today was more hills, but once I relaxed and just ran a comfortable pace all was well. But regardless it was hot as hell today - 85 degrees when I left work. I can't wait for July!

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Evan said...

The humidity was low, so 85 was better for running now than July, no? Not that I'd know. Humidity is constant in the pool, and probably high.

Anyway, trails on the east river flats. Just south of Franklin bridge you can detour down to the beach, and depending on how high the tide is (it's better in fall/winter before it snows than May) you can run along the beach nearly as far as the railroad bridge.

Just before the railroad bridge you can also jump onto a kind of rough trail that keeps heading along the river. Along this stretch you will see many people in flagrante delicato in public, and smell the smell of burning teabags (aka mary jane). Not so much in fall or winter. Anyway, this trail then links up with the newly reconstructed "Wagon Road" down from the site of the old dam keepers house, down the hill from mile 4 of the TCM 10 miler (just past the "Welcome to St Paul" sign).

It's slow going on these trails, but nice for an easy run.

Patrick said...

Good info. I think I've seen that section of trail from the other side of the river. At least I now know where to go to get an eyeful.