Sunday, May 27, 2007


AM: 42 min :: 6+M

Just a short run today after the previous longish days. 5k race tomorrow. I don't know how I'll fare. I don't have a whole lot of leg speed right now, but I feel pretty strong. I'll be in the hurt locker pretty early on, but it probably won't get much worse as the race wears on....I hope.

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Loomdog said...

Hey man I applaud your watchless easy day running! Great stuff. also nice to read about someone else having a little has to be good for you!

That has been my theory and having experienced the feeling during the JD (tempo, 60min esy, tempo)runs. I decided to start doing a long warm up before all my speed/tempo runs just to get a taste of that bonkity bonk bonk feel more often. Surely for my ultrarun focus it has to be beneficial!

Good luck in the 5k