Monday, May 28, 2007

Week of May 21 - 27

Total Miles for Week (Year): 64 (1813)
Long Run: 17

Mileage took a bit of a hit this week, but the Fri/Sat back-to-back runs made up for it. Next week the marathon training begins so it was good to rest a bit. Looking over the plan I notice there are only two workouts a week, but they are long ones. I will have to be extra vigilant about going easy on the easy days. If I able to stay fresh I really feel like I will be well-prepared for TCM.


Evan said...

Congrats on the 5km. Which of Daniels' marathon plans are you doing, A or B?

I did 18 weeks of the A plan a couple of years ago, and found the last 12 weeks of basically nothing but tempo and marathon pace a little dulling. Plan B which mixes it up more was much better. Nothing you couldn't work out by reading it, but if you consult the poor man's running encyclopedia others of varying talent have found the same.

The workouts (A and B schedule) are tough. I was used to being recovered by day 2 after workouts, and with the Daniels' workouts you may well find yourself dragging a little 2 days after. So long as you're feeling good by the next workout it's probably ok. have fun.

Patrick said...


I'm going off the new edition "Elite" plan. I'm a little worried about the monotony, but at the same time I'm taking class at CSOM two nights a week during the summer so maybe the mental energy will be a little low. I've never really done a completely marathon specific training cycle so figure "Why not?" Recovery will be the biggest factor. Also handling the really hot stretches of weather will be a challange.

I look through that Letsrun stuff and I just get frustrated. What a waste of a potentially excellent resource.

Evan said...

The (appropriately modified) elite plan was the one I liked, and will probably return to for the next marathon.

You're right, letsrun is a mess. There was a good thread on the merits of the elite vs. "A" plan in Daniels' book a couple of years ago, but for the life of me that search function sucks and I can't find it.