Monday, May 14, 2007

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

PM: 57 min :: 9M
Mondays. Eh. Run was fine though. Nothing like near 90s in May.

Rocketfuel Malt Liquor...DAMN!
Jimmy has fancy plans...and pants to match.


Mike said...

1000 times NO!!
Speaking of pants, how about a new line of clothes made by kids, for kids?

The Onion's new vids might be right up your alley.

Hey, which hotel should I stay at for Twin Cities? You are the official blogger tourguide for the race, aren't you?

Patrick said...

For hotels it depends on whether you want to stay near the start or the finish or neither. The St Paul (in St Paul) is very nice if you want to spend a little more. The host hotel the Crown Plaza is nice as well. They might have a deal for the marathon. In Minneapolis, the Holiday Inn on Washington Ave is close to the start and I think the rooms are fairly reasonable. The third option would be to stay in Bloomington near the airport/Mall of America and take the Light Rail train into the start line. Will you have a car? Then you can stay pretty much anywhere you want, but it might be a little more of a hassle to drive in morning of.

Those Onion clips are hilarious. I like the current one about Paul Newman receiving an award for his contributions to salad dressing.