Tuesday, May 15, 2007


AM: 40 min :: 6M
PM: 57 min :: 9M

I felt remarkably better today for some reason. The hamstring still felt tight, but my stride was more fluid/relaxed. After my run last night I did went to the ole high school leg drill routine of high knees, butt kicks and bounding skips. Remember those Andy? Well it seemed to have loosened some things up. I repeated the drills after both runs today and I plan to make it a permanent addition. There could be a number of reasons my hamstring is feeling better, but I figure leg drills can't hurt. I'll need to be more coordinated if I want to run faster at the shorter distances anyway.

The Fountain came out on DVD today
Apparently climbing Everest has become too commonplace.
Any attempt to describe this is inadequate.

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