Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Break Out The Cold Weather Gear...Again

AM: 25 min :: 4M
PM: 54 min :: 9M incl 5 x 3on/2off

I was seriously debating how badly I needed to get in a faster-paced workout this afternoon. Everything feels fine, but arriving home after walking from the Light Rail in the driving wind and snow flurries left me somewhat less than eager to go run. Spring in Minnesota. I had planned to do this on the track, but reconsidered because of the conditions/wind direction and the fact that road seemed more appropriate given that will be the terrain Saturday. It worked out well. I warmed up into the wind to the Franklin Ave bridge and then (after somehow avoiding getting blown off the Franklin Bridge) got to do all five intervals with the wind down the east side of the river. Things felt good, but a little awkward as I was quite literally getting pushed down the road by the wind. It seems like cheating, but I didn't see the point of running hard into the wind at this point. I'm just trying to sharpen up.

Choose Your Own Adventure, just not in a Jeep
The mayor of Cincinnati can't throw a ball 60 ft. (Eric Davis's reaction is priceless)

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