Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Running 100k....With An Added Degree Of Difficulty

PM: 31 min :: 5M

Boy was I running the right direction today. I chose to run home from work along West River Road and had the wind at my back pretty much the entire way. Too bad the race on Saturday is a loop course. The race day weather is really looking rough: 19 degrees, -6 wind chill, 20 mph winds at the start. Oh and throw in a possiblity of snow showers. I'm not freaked out about it, because in the end it will be what it will be. There is a certain sense of frustration, however, that I've worked hard to get in good shape and run a fast time, but it will be more of a survival run. Like I said, que sera, sera. I certainly didn't think I would be packing two pairs of gloves and wind briefs for this race!

Ynot Bubba? Why not, indeed.
Sex toy or fishing lure?


Mike said...

Patrick, best wishes for a great race. Wear your lucky wind briefs. You've obviously put the work in, and I look forward to reading about the result.

Two pairs of gloves? Really?? We're about ready to lose our shirts until November again here.

Eric said...

I think I speak for everyone north of Arizona when I say, "Keep your shirt on, Mike" Bwah-hahahaha!

Have a great race Patrick. The great thing about loops in the wind is you can get some relief throughout the race. I agree, though, not the best conditions for a fast time. No doubt you'd be ready for one...

Good luck, and have fun!

loomdog said...

I also want to send my good wishes to you....from here in HOT Egypt. Just remember few have run through as much bad weather as you.

Good Luck

Noah and Staci said...

Patrick, good luck this weekend! It looks like you're ready to roll. Loomdog is right, very few have run through worse weather than you. I've enjoyed checking out your blog. It's great!

Good luck!

Patrick said...

Hey Noah,

How are things in Turkey?