Saturday, March 31, 2007

Surely You Can't Be Serious? I Am Serious. And Don't Call Me Shirley.

AM: 5k "race" (15:25); 3M wm/7M cd :: 13M

Total Miles For March: 394 (12.7/day)

Race is in quotations above because I really didn't make it a race effort. It was more of a really hard tempo run. The conditions were pretty sour; wind, rain, and a bit on the cool side. During the race I was wondering if it was possible to get frost bite on my hands in March (I neglected to bring gloves). I led from the start, taking away another motivator to make it hurt. Enough excuses already.

I went through the "mile" in 4:46. Whether it was actually a mile is debatable since I went through two miles in 10:12. The second mile was hilly, but not so much that I slowed down 30 secs/mile. I didn't necessarily put it on cruise control the rest of the way, but I wasn't really gutting it out.

The good news is my hamstring actually felt better after the race. I ran around Isles and Calhoun clipping off 6:10-6:20 in a pretty relaxed fashion. Or about as relaxed as one can be when they're soaking wet and cold.

It was the "Get Your Rear In Gear For Colon Cancer" run so there was plenty of talk about rectums and the importance of a colonoscopy. I like how they referred to it as a "relatively painless procedure." I guess what else are they going to say.

There are things that make me miss living in the Duluth/Superior area and there are things that don't. Then there are things like this that illicit both emotions. Watch your back Tony. Thanks to Robin for the link.

LINK (Scenes from one of my birthday gifts)
"...but that night fate was on my side."

"Roger, Roger." "Clearance, Clarence."


Gregg said...

Looks as though things are going quite well. I hope I can cruise through a 5k at that pace later this summer. Just want to wish you a belated birthday and good luck this week preparing for the 100k.

also, I am still working on it but my blog is up. Up North Running

Tony said...

I am way too careful to never get caught! Good luck in the 100k and let me know when you will be up north for a few miles.