Friday, March 30, 2007

Fluffernutters Under Fire

AM: 32 min :: 5M

Another relaxed easy run. Everything felt a little better this morning, but still a little tight. Not too much else to say about it. Hopefully things will loosen up as I get more rest. I may resort to icing the next couple of days just to be safe. I need to pull out all the stops with the race this close.

"I will fight to the death for Fluff." Sing it, sister. Marshmallow. Peanut Butter. Bread. What sweet ambrosia.

Wearing Che
Viacom vs. YouTube explained


loomdog said...

Happy Birthday Man and good luck with the taper! Mine are usually pretty brutal mentally and I taper off 1/2 -2/3rd's of the mileage you are coming off. I pitty you.

Eric said...

Happy Birfday, Patrick. You have to love the taper--tweaks and tickles galore. I'm very excited to see what you can do in the 100k.


Also, I have been enjoying your music selection. It's a bit thin on John Lee Hooker and ABBA, but it's good. I followed your lead and threw my own collection up as well. Thanks for the pointer.

Patrick said...


Problem solved. I also added some ELO, skip james, and GNR.

Eric said...

I will counter your ELO with an OMD track, and GNR with GNC.

I've got nothing to counter Skip James. He is like the 'Crane Technique'...if do right, no can defend.

This is enjoyable. I need a hobby.