Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer Daze (In March)

AM: 60 min :: 9M

Just an easy hour around Lake Nokomis today. I always feel a little sluggish after a day off and today was no different. My body must become so accustomed to running everyday, that when I go more than 24 hours without running it gets confused.

As is usually the case during the spring, I overdressed for the run. It was probably in the mid-50s when I went out this morning, but I'm still in the winter mode as far as layers. No complaints though. I'll adjust eventually. Its going to get cold again anyways. The long-range forecast shows a rain/snow mix the day before the race and probable rain on race day. I don't put a lot of stock in long-range forecasts, but this will probably be the one time they get it right. Luckily I'm uniquely prepared from my Ed Fitz experienes. It can't possibly be that bad.

I wish I could have enjoyed the weather more, but I had class tonight. Nothing like staring out a window of a half-empty classroom at sunshine and people in shorts.

Robert Horry is old.
Peyton Manning is good with kids.

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loomdog said...

Man, robert Horry IS old! Hilarious! Where do you find crap like this? Back to running.....when I take a day off the following days run always feels stiff/hard/sucko for me too. Same phenomonen when a multi-day event participant can g0 out and bang out miles and miles daily for x amount of days of the event....then the day after they finish they can't get out of bed or walk.