Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Post 100

AM: 26 min :: 4M
PM: 1600 (5:10); 5 x 800 (2:17 avg/2:11 last); 400m rec; 2M wm/1.5M cd :: 7M

I seemed to be lacking motivation tonight, probably because it was cold, windy and sort of raining. It felt hard to get warmed up, hence the tempo mile at the beginning. I then overcompensated on the first 800 by going out in :33. Once I settled in, however, I felt realitivly good and I got faster as the workout went on (2:19.6, 2:18.8, 2:17.5, 2:17.5, 2:11.3). The last one was very hard, but it still felt under control. It seemed like my form held up over the course of the workout, which is encouraging at the pace I was running. It also gives me hope that I can regain/improve some of my speed as I look to lower my marathon pr next year.

And thats a wrap on the workouts for the big race. Like I said, I'm planning on running a 5k tune up on Saturday and then a really short session next Tuesday (probably 4x1k or 3x1M) to stay sharp. Other than that I don't plan on running more than an easy 30-45min each day. I'm feeling good.

MS Paint guess the movie
NIN "Hurt" as interpreted by Kermit the Frog

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