Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ninjas Are Sweet

PM: 39 min :: 6M

Feliz cumpleanos to me. 31 years. Where did they go? Tonights run felt great from an aerobic perspective. The pace was very relaxed and I was able to zone out for most of the run. However, the left hamstring has a bit of a twinge and I felt a few spasms in my lower back towards the end of the run. These are not typical aches and pains as far as I can tell. I really didn't feel like I pushed it last night, but maybe I went a little harder than I should. I'll continue to monitor the situation. However, I'm not too worried. I've been through enough tapers to know that little things like this always seem to pop up. Overall I'm feeling great with a little overa week to go.

Ninjas are sweet
Ask a Ninja (because they are sweet)
Ninjas vs. the Presidents of the USA
"Go Ninja, go Ninja, go!"

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