Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Own Private Fluorspar

AM: 66 min :: 10M
PM: 65 min :: 10M (run at 7% incline)

The U finally decided to call off classes and close campus at 2:30 today. A lot of my coworkers left around lunchtime since they lived in the 'burbs. I garnered brownie points by volunteering to stay. The Light Rail runs regardless of weather so it wasn't like I was putting myself out.

Any-who, I wanted to repeat the hill workout I did last week (6x400), but the snow was coming down at such a rate I didn't think that it would be that productive. Not to mention the effect of slipping around on my achilles, which has been a little sore since the run on Monday. My first thought was to do 15M on the treadmill for an over-distance day. But looking at my training, I've done enough "distance". I need to up the intensity of some of my runs. So after warming up for a couple of minutes I took the treadmill up to a 7% incline for the rest of the run. I remember reading about Moses Tanui and the hill run he did in Kenya. It was called Fluorspar: a 21 km climb with 23 switchbacks. The fact that his best time was 1:24 (6:25/mile) should give you a good idea of the grade of the climb.

For the first half or so it felt pretty easy. I was working, but it felt more like the easier side of a tempo run. But once I had been running about 45 min and the pace was down to 6:22/mile I was working pretty hard. By an hour I was paying very close attention to the remaining time. Then with a couple of minutes of running left I took back down to 2% (my normal setting), but lowered the pace to 5:56/mile. Man, I felt like I was flying downhill.

Its hard to determine the total effect of a workout immediately afterwards, but I felt like this was a pretty beneficial run. Looking ahead I think I will repeat this workout the week after the Human Race.

This snow is a little crazy. I shoveled a bit last night just to keep up and by the time I had finished everything was already covered with a good half-inch. It seems like we can always count on an early March snowstorm.

LINK (Chuck Klosterman theme)
A great interview with Britney Spears (doh!) by Chuck (woo-hoo!)
The interview appears in Chuck's latest book (a great read)
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eric said...

Nice workout on the mill. I've often thought of trying something like that, but rarely muster the courage to try.

I went to school with Chuck Klosterman. It's really weird that he is now the arbiter of what is truly cool in American culture, and has become a pop-anthropologist by extension. He was all dick jokes all the time in college when he was writing for the paper. He managed to make everyone on campus, with few exceptions, hate him enough to generate a couple of death threats. He was nuts. Hell of a writer, though, and funny. Thanks for the links.

Patrick said...

Ah yes, I forgot the ND connection. I can see how Chuck could piss off a lot of people. Even when he is ripping on Coldplay (who I semi-enjoy) I find myself laughing in agreement with him.

Keep up the good work on the roads/mill. This weather will lift eventually.