Friday, March 02, 2007

Change Of Focus

AM: 66 min :: 10M
PM: 57 min :: 10M

Ten and ten. It seems like a broken record by now. But this is the end for now. Starting next week, my recovery days will be just one run of 10-15M. It is my first step towards cutting back my volume. I'll still double up on "hard" days for now, but the morning run will gradually start to get cut back. In a way it is difficult to cut back to one run. I know there will moments of guilt as I feel I'm wussing out. But at this time, my body feels like it could do these kind of days forever and that is the precise reason I need to sacrifice volume for intensity. My body has adapted so I need to change the stimulus.

I know I've linked to stories about it numerous times recently, but I can't get over how much I love This American Life. Now with the new Macbook and Itunes I can subscribe to the TAL podcast. I'm, like, all technological and crap. Its difficult for me to describe why I'm so enamored with this show. The fact that it is a radio show leaves room for a certain amount of imagination with each story. The stories are always a unique view of regular life sorts of experiences. A lot of my favorite writers are featured (Chuck Klosterman, John Hodgman, David Rakloff, et al). So if you are around a radio (MPR, Sat 3 pm), are on the web (, or, like me, are an internet genius (free podcast) I encourage you to listen. The website has all the archived shows. My recommendations are:

24 hours at the Golden Apple (one of the first shows)
The Fix Is In
Allure of the Mean Friend

Good luck to Greg Crowther at the US 50k Champs this weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold out.

Wino wisdom.
Unearthed Radiohead B-sides.

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Mike said...

Are you saying the Radiohead B-Sides are songs deemed suitable for your training? If so, that's great! By coincidence, some friends of mine were running in the NYC marathon last year and I put together a 4.5 hour mix for them... If you're interested, let me know. Mike