Thursday, March 22, 2007


AM: 38 min :: 6+M
PM: 16 x 400 (70 ave/64 last) 25 sec rec; 3M wm/2M cd :: 9M

Feeling better today, but for the calves. Still a bit on the tight and sore side. I forced the pace a little this morning since its a "hard" day. Its always difficult to up the tempo in the morning when I'm still half asleep, but I feel better afterwards. Somehow I need to latch onto that "after" feeling during the run itself.

The workout this afternoon was a good one. I ran it faster than I did in January and felt better I guess. Hard to tell though; this time I was running on an outdoor track so I had to contend with some wind, but I also had softer corners. It probably evens out. I finished strong and recovered pretty quickly. Good and good. Its amazing how easy it is to be positive when its 50 degrees outside.

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keith said...

hi there...stumbled across your blog this morning while i was waiting for some things to print at must be from mn?!

me too! can i link to your super awesome blog?

i am an aspiring ultra runner, who is about to do my first in April...

Patrick said...

Link away, Keith.