Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Paging Dr. House

PM: 57 min :: 9+M

The first "rain" run of the year. More of a fine mist really, but still enjoyable. My body is still a little sore. I had wanted to do a couple sets of hill sprints, but the calves were barking today. Hopefully another easy day helped everything heal up. I've been running through quite a bit a stuff this winter: sore hamstrings, calves, tight hips, and a cyst on the back of my left knee that seems to fluctuate in size. I think I might dial things back a little earlier next week in order to mend as much as possible. After the 100k I plan to spend a good deal of time addressing these issues.

"Maybe I've reacted unfavorably..."
The Best Looney Toons Skit Of All Time

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