Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snow Hurts

AM: 70min :: 10+M

Just one run today as I allow my body a moment of respite before tomorrow's long run. I ran outside thinking the River Rd would be clear, but found out that, while a plow had gone through at some point during the week, it definitely was not within the last 24 hours. I was feeling good so I didn't mind the slower running, but it did aggravate my foot in the same spot Monday's run did; sort of the achilles to plantar area of my right foot. It reminds me how lucky I've been the last couple of years. No serious injuries that required extended time off/cross training.

So there are basically no excuses tomorrow. The temps will warm. The wind will be reasonable. The snow...well lets just hope there is a little melting that happens today. I plan to run the ten mile loop over at Harriet/Calhoun/Isles four times or at the very least four hours. The 50 mile race was only a month ago, but it feels like its been much longer. It will be hard to overcome the "just get through the run" mentality that sets in the last hour or so of these runs. I'm really focused on running a certain pace (clear track willing) so I need to push when I'm tired. Easy to say sitting here sipping my chai by the fireplace.

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