Thursday, February 01, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

AM: 39 min :: 6M

The plan was just to keep my routine going with a 10 miler this morning, but upon reflection I thought it best to run a little shorter. I had the "extra" miles in the bank thanks to Tuesday night's workout. I still needed to pack a few things before I left for work. And, oh yeah, I'm running 50 miles this weekend. That might be tough? Still I felt very good on the 'mill this morning. It is a good sign that a 20 mile "recovery" day like yesterday leaves me feeling recovered. I am going to force myself to rest a little next week following the race. No workouts....well maybe, if I feel good next Saturday... being fit can be a dangerous thing.

Marmaduke is an asshole
...deep in the heart of Texas!

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