Friday, February 02, 2007

Look Out Its....SNOW!!!

AM: 34 min :: 5M

Got into Dallas a little late last night. By the time I picked up the rental car and got to the hotel it was midnight. I was ready for bed. Erik decided at the last minute (as in the plane was pulling up to the gate at MSP) to bail on the trip. He had been fighting what sounded like a mild strain of the flu all week (nausea, chills, etc). Since toughing out a 100 mile race isn't quite the same as a 5k or even a marathon, he made the right decision and stayed home. I know it must have been a tough call. I don't think I would have had the guts to do it. Sometimes living to fight another day is a better choice.

Anyway, that leaves me solo this weekend. I felt really good on the run this morning, even though it was a rather trecherous route. Not a whole lot of sidewalks or neighborhoods around Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Now its on to Huntsville. Erik not being here will be good in one respect: I'll be more likely to study for class on Monday. But I do have cable at the hotel....

An interesting side note: the DFW area got about an inch of snow last night. Holy crap people freak out when it snows. School closings, over 100 reported accidents on the freeways. Its like a scene out of Mad Max. I'll try to survive the apolocypse and get to warmer climes down south.

Winter. Schminter.

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