Sunday, January 25, 2009

Step One.

Week of Jan 19 - 25

Mon: 30:00, 4M

Tue: 60:00, 8M

Wed: 30:00, 4M

Thu: 60:00, 8M

Fri: 30:00, 4M + weights

Sat: 45:00, 6.5M

Sun: 2:00:00, 16.4M + strides and leg drills

Total: 50M

After so many years of running and (unfortunately) so many comeback attempts, I have some established landmarks for monitoring how things are going. The first 2 hr run is one of them. Normally my goal would be to increase that run all the way up to 3 hrs over the next couple months, but this time around, given how the last year went, I'm going to be content with 2 hrs for awhile. Instead I'm going to work on increasing the run the day before up to 2:00 as well and work on overall mileage. Besides I'm sure I'll be confined to the treadmill for the most part and while I have done 3 hours on the treadmill before, it is not exactly something I would like to do on a regular basis.

Another blizzard today. Not a lot of snow, but a lot of wind. A lot of snow makes winter more enjoyable, but it does make running a bit more challenging.


Gregg said...

you still runnin?

Jay Anderson said...

I'm with you on the 2 hour run. For me, a milestone is 16 miles under 2 hours. Keep chipping away at it. You'll get the injury thing figured out eventually.

Jay Anderson said...
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