Monday, August 04, 2008

A Nice Day For A 50k

1st Annual Twin Cities Ultra Festival

No Finishers :(

Patrick Russell 3:30:49
Sonya Anderson-Decker 4:10:58
Keith Krone 5:08:58

Mark Hanson 4:37:25

Paul Beeman 2:46:55


WynnMan said...

Good work to everyone. The 1st annual TwinCities Ultra Fest/sweatathon is in the books.

Pat- your day will come soon, and it will all come together; you're one talented individual

crowther said...

Sorry you didn't get through the whole thing, Patrick. Perhaps you've made enough recent progress to look ahead to '09? As you may have heard, the World Cup will be in Belgium in June....

WynnMan said...

Like Greg stated, you have made strong progress and considering the fact that the Worlds in 09 will be in June, that's not all that far off. I think you'll have great inspiration in Houghton.

Will 09 be the first year the 100km Worlds will be held in June rather than Fall?

Well, Madcity in spring or............ 2nd annual Twin Cities Ultra Fest!!