Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Who?

Best races/performances I've ever seen, before Bolt toyed with the best sprinters in the world:
Haile vs Tergat (Sydney)
MJ's 200 (Atlanta)

By the way, Bolt's 100m gold > Phelps's 8


MN Ultra Runner said...

Haile, I could watch that every day!

Gregg said...

Wait a minute... I know we are all "runners" here but Patrick, I know you have spent time in the pool. Bolt's dominance is one thing, but 8 Golds??? Amazing stuff from both.

WynnMan said...

14 golds total for Phelps and countless WR's. Bolt's run was at level that was beyond anyone. He can definitely go faster too. Unbridled talent. Of course in running one is limited to the number of events, so it's hard to to a medal count in relation to swimming. However if there were 100m, 150m, 170m, 200m, 250m, 300m, Bolt would have plenty of gold hardwear.

Phelps is truly dominant.

Patrick said...

Exactly. Bolts run was the most memorable thing I've seen this Olympics.

I have to admit part of my problem with Phelps is the NBC coverage. If I never see him swim another stroke it will be too soon.

WynnMan said...

Phelps is to NBC as Madden is to Favre. If Phelps was a country he would be tied for 6th in medal count.

When it comes to best athlete ever I haver always thought the Jim Thorpe reigns supreme without a question. We probably will never see the likes of him again. ATHLETE as an "he can do just about anything at an elite level".

just off the top of my head, Thorpe was:
*Pro football
*Pro baseball (any position)
*Multi sport Olympian and WR holder
* Scratch golfer
* 255+ bowler and commonly bowled 300's
* ball room dancer

WynnMan said...

Tergat was pretty flat. He looked great in Osaka.

oh well

andyH. said...

eric heiden had the best olympic performance ever:
Gold 1980 Lake Placid 500 m
Gold 1980 Lake Placid 1000 m
Gold 1980 Lake Placid 1500 m
Gold 1980 Lake Placid 5000 m
Gold 1980 Lake Placid 10000 m

that is versatility beyond both phelps and bolts.

Gregg said...

When will we see an update from Michigan PR? I hope all is well with you two.