Sunday, July 13, 2008


July 7 - July 13 (2008)

Monday, 7/7

am: Run - 1:20:01
pm: Run - 43:35

Tuesday, 7/8
am: Run - 8x1k on 5 minutes (avg. 3:12.2, avg HR 154)
pm: Run - 47:12
I was not all that chipper on the warm-up today, but once the workout started I managed to find a rhythm.

03:14.7 148
03:13.7 153

03:14.6 154
03:14.0 155
03:13.8 155
03:12.9 155
03:10.2 157
03:04.1 157

Wednesday, 7/9
am: Run - 2:04:28 (avg HR 137)
Ran the same course as two weeks ago (2:10:35).

Thursday, 7/10
am: Run - 1:07:38 (avg HR 123)
pm: Run - 45:22
Feeling a little rough after the past two hard days I made a promise to myself to go as easy as possible. I managed to keep the pace over 7:00 and was rewarded with a good run in the afternoon.

Friday, 7/11
am: Run - 2M warmup, 6.5M progression run, 1.5M cooldown (avg 5:31.2, HR 158)
05:51.8 146
05:46.5 150

05:36.0 153
05:38.5 159
05:18.3 165

05:09.9 169
02:31.9 162

I was supposed to start out at 6:00, but as usual, I got out too fast. I corrected it a little bit over the next two miles, but mile 4 I just lost focus. I wasn't able to smoothly drop the pace. I got back on pace for miles 5 and 6, but going into mile 7 I started to feel a little nauseous. After running for about 30 seconds I had to stop and dry heave a little bit. I don't know what caused it, but since my last mile was supposed to be 5:00 and there was no chance I was going to hit that, I didn't feel too bad about pulling the plug. After jogging for a few minutes I decided to close it out with a faster half-mile and managed to hit the approximate pace.

Saturday, 7/12
am: Run - 1:00:32
Got up early for a Saturday so I could get my run in and Katie and I could go watch the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon.

Sunday, 7/13
am: Run - 3:16:53 (50k, avg HR 146)
Same run as two weeks ago, with a little extra added on to make an official 50k. In contrast to the first two long runs I did out here, I tried to push the pace this time around in order to get some fatigue in my legs and force myself to push through it. I managed that with pretty good results.

No I just have to manage to run that 10-15 minutes slower and repeat.

If anyone wants more information or to help out feel free to email me.

Total miles for the week: 120

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