Monday, July 14, 2008

And Here We Go....

And now for reality...


Katie said...

I'm still in denial about the snow factor.

Patrick said...

At least we only have to shovel out our car.

Gregg said...

you guys are moving to the UP? SWEET! it will be an adjustment, like any move isn't, but should be good. Keep in touch. My parents live about 70 miles from there.
When is the move???

Gregg said...

I forgot...
that picture you posted with the snow was taken last week!
I see a snowmobile, sorels, and Kromer hats in your future.

andyH. said...

congrats you guys...and i write that from the upper peninsula!

Kel said...

Not to scare you or anything, but we got just shy of 400 inches of snow my freshman year at Tech. Then there was the summer I stayed in Houghton for summer semester and it snowed on the Fourth of July.

Patick, you'll need to shovel your roof from time to time too.

In addition to snowmobiles, sorels, and Kromer hats, your future will probably also include a Yooper Scooper, pasties with catsup (not gravy), and some new course records at the Keewenaw Trail Running festival ;)

You're gonna absolutely LOVE Houghton!

Kel <- MTU Class of '83

Mark H. said...

Hi Patrick,

Just got back from a week up near in that area. Very nice this time of year. I got a few good hill runs in. My favorite was going up and down a 400+ foot hill twice as part of a 17 mile run.

Like Kel, I was up there for the winter of 390.4 inches of snow a short distance from Houghton. I remember marking 52 consecutive days of snow on my calendar.


p.s. I am about 50% sure I'll be signing up for your Aug 2nd race. It all depends on family things that weekend.

Anonymous said...


i spent 10 months in houghton and saw the best and worst of the place. my "mother in law" still lives there.

i think houghton is a blessing. i was very balanced and healthy when i lived there. i didn't fight the elements, i embraced them and used them to gain strength and reduce impact. plus, i discovered nordic skiing. the trails behind michigan tech are fantastic. also, the rail to trail that runs from chassel to houghton in the winter is usually used fairly often enough that it becomes very runnable in the winter. you'll be hard pressed to find folks to run with, but it's a nice place to live.

however, if you need to be sharp for some races early or late in the year, invest in a nice treadmill and lots of dvd's.