Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thats More Like It

June 2 - June 8 (2008)

Monday, 6/2

am: Run - 63 min
I had to get out and at least see how my foot was feeling. Starting out it was tenuous, but as the run went along it felt better and better. It didn't inhibit my stride at all and there was just some faint stiffness towards the end. Maybe I dodged a bullet.

Tuesday, 6/3
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 1:52
Sore foot starting out in the afternoon, but once again it was completely gone for the majority of the run. Only as I was running the last 1/2 mile at a little faster pace did I start to feel it again. Something to keep an eye on and continue to ice, even if it feels better. Overall my stride felt fantastic. It feels as though its changed somehow. My knee lift is more relaxed and I feel it coming from my hip/core area. We'll see how it translates once I'm doing more uptempo running, but for now its a sweet feeling.

Wednesday, 6/4
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 62 min incl 2 mile evaluation run (11:00, avg 160 bpm)
I'm definitely in a rhythm now. I'm past the period where every run is a battle and have settled into a comfortable schedule that I feel is allowing adequate recovery. Even so, I did have to concentrate a bit more during the evaluation run tonight. Everything still felt good and I actually ran more evenly than last week.

Thursday, 6/5
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 1:50 (return to 110 bpm in :27)
Quite a soaker out there tonight. At times the rain was pretty heavy and the thunder seemed to be on top of me, but eventually it let up. Everything was there tonight: stride, breathing, etc. I have no idea what I could run for a 5k right now, but training-wise I'm getting back to normal.

Friday, 6/6
am: Run - 42 min
With dinner plans after work and feeling a little tired I decided to forgo the usual hour on the elliptical and get my run in early. Even feeling tired my pace was easier and faster than the past few weeks.

Saturday, 6/7
am: Run - 1:54 (25k at Afton)
Met up with Wynn at Afton for another round of masochism. Definitely didn't feel as beat up after the run today, but it was a pretty hard effort. Those hills are beasts. I was a little more spritely on the downhills this go around.

Sunday, 6/8
am: Run - 2:41 (~24M, return to 110 bpm in 1:10)
Good capper to the week and the longest run I have done in a long, long time. Considering the effort I put in at Afton yesterday I was surprised how good I felt through most of the run. Only started to feel a little heavy the last 20 minutes, but I also ran 6:10's the last two miles.

Total miles for the week: 96


Mike said...

Nice week Patrick. I'm glad to see you banging out a 24 miler and feeling good.

Gregg said...

nice work. I can tell by your writing that things are feeling much better. hope to see you soon.

Eric said...

It's PAT! Very cool to see the running going well. It's very interesting to see how that massive base can bring you back around so quickly. It seems quick, anyway. I'm sure from your perspective it's been a long haul. Cheers!