Wednesday, June 04, 2008


May 26 - June 1 (2008)

Monday, 5/26

am: Run - 2:20
Great run, all things considered. Ran over to Lake Nokomis and then numerous laps while I cheered for runners in the Brian Kraft 5k. It was a little bittersweet watching the race since I've run it almost every year since 2000, but it is what it is. Didn't really ever have a "down" spot during the run. And most importantly I left the lake loop to run home still eager for more (as opposed to counting the minutes until I was done).

Tuesday, 5/27
pm: Run - 45 min
Felt okay. Good filler/recovery run.

Wednesday, 5/28
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 1:01 incl 2 mile Evaluation Run (11:01, avg 162 bpm)
Another good day. I figured I can't go on just building volume forever. I need some sort of marker of improvement (or staleness). I plan to repeat the run each of the next four weeks and hope I see a lower HR at the same pace.

Thursday, 5/29
am: Elliptical - 60 min
pm: Run - 1:53
A small step towards improvement. The legs felt a little perkier than usual due to the evaluation run last night. I forgot my HR monitor strap so I went more by feel, however I did end up pushing a little more than normal. The last two miles were 6:18 and 6:03, both comfortably hard and didn't involve picking up the pace a whole lot. I would estimate I was in the 6:30/mile range most of the run, which is quite a drop in pace over the past few weeks.

Friday, 5/30
pm: Run - 45 min
Bad Day. For some reason my left foot/ankle bothered me. No real reason. I suppose the preceding two days were a little more intense than I'm used to, but I never felt anything before today. It was hard to walk on most of the day. After escaping the Convention, I decided to go for a short run to test it out. Hurt worse at the beginning of the run, but then warmed up a little bit. Still it never felt quite right. And I was having such a good week of running.

Saturday, 5/31
Out with a foot.

Sunday, 6/1
Again...out with a foot. I tried to go, but it just wasn't right. To describe the pain it feels like some instances where I tie my shoe laces too tight and bruise the top. The only difference is I seem to a bit swollen just above the ankle (tibialis anterior, or there abouts). By the end of the day, after some icing and elevation it was feeling somewhat better.

Total miles for the week: 58 (5 days)

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