Monday, May 12, 2008

Actual Running Content

Hola amigos. Its been awhile since I rapped at ya, but I been putting out fires left and right...

And now I'm done channeling my inner-Jim Anchower.

I am running again and it seems like its going to stick this time. Consequently I feel more motivated to blog about running. Believe me, the past couple months of "activity" would not have been compelling blogging.

When I last visited the topic of running I was dealing with a pesky hamstring injury. It was a sciatic nerve/piriformis deal that didn't respond to stretching, strengthening, or rest. I finally found the right mix of deep-tissue therapy (very painful) and core/gluteus exercises that seemsto have me on the road to pain-free running. And that has resulted in my first "full" week of consecutive running days. I'm out of shape, for sure, and racing is a ways off yet, but getting back aerobic fitness will be much easier now that I'm close to healthy.

So with almost full confidence in my legs, I'm ramping up my per-day mileage and adding on cross-training (elliptical) six days per week. I'm going to restart by building on the Lydiard 100-mile/week platform, albeit with shorter runs for now. I had an up and down 90 minutes on Sunday, but it gave me encouragement because my hamstring felt best towards the end of the run.

So, to summarize, things are looking up running-wise. Its been so long since I've been fit I'm eager to get back to the grind, albeit with a little better sense of how my body is responding to the workload. Ahead of any time/race goals for the near future, I just want to stay healthy.


Eric said...

Patrick is dead! Long live Patrick!

Good to see you back, and getting healthy. Cheers.

Love2Run said...

Good to hear you sorted it out. What sort of core/glute exercises do you do? I've been only doing the icing and stretching routine for my ham issue.