Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last Week (1/14/08 - 1/20/08)

M: 55:00 - 7.5M
T: 1:44 - 14M
W: 55:00 - 7.5M
Fri: 1:06 - 9M
Sat: 1:30 - 12M
Sun: 2:10 - 16.5M

Total Miles - 66.5M

A good all around week. At the outset I had hoped to run all seven days, but Thursday I was feeling a little off and, when I did the math, realized if I ran the planned 1:45-2:00 I would jump up to 80+ miles for the week (after a previous high of 60). I've been outside for the most part, but Saturday I decided to take to the treadmill to avoid the really frigid temps. It felt good to run free of all the layers, at least for a day. Sunday I ran outside with Kurt, Nick and Paul. -14 below wasn't too bad with the exception of the stretches into the breeze. I used the little hand warmer packets for the first time. FYI: they also work well at protecting your junk.

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