Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bold Promises That May (or May Not) Be Kept

Sickened is the only way I can describe how I felt after reading THIS article that Deadspin linked today. I've heard of stories similar to this of course; its not as if it is breaking news that star athletes (and stars in general) get a pass. There was a little academic hubbub here at the UofM a few years ago that some may vaguely remember. But the violence of this case and how personal the reporter made it by documenting the affects on the victim are especially profound.

At least in the short term, this really turns me off to big time college athletics and to some extent pro sports. Dare I say I won't watch sports ever again? No I don't think I can make that promise. But I'm keeping a link to this article in my bookmarks to offer some perspective in the future. Today I feel like I'll be watching sports a lot less.

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