Friday, October 12, 2007

Did You Know?

...that about 99% of all body movements involve using your abdominal muscles. Thats just a rough estimate based on my anecdotal observations over the past two days.

Katie and I went for a "walk" around the block last night. It took about a half hour but I made it. I feel marginally better today, but still in a lot of pain. It seems more localized however. I still haven't pooped, which is troubling. Hopefully eating a lot of oatmeal and fruit will get things rolling.


RP will be on the News Hour tonight (PBS, 6pm)
Mike Vick's reaction to the news he has to pay back $19+ million
Mr. Riches' Opus
Are you left brained or right brained?


WynnMan said...

Patrick, great to hear you are doing well and healing. Your regal health pre-op will speed it even faster.

As for taking a royal dump, my suggestion would be eat raisins, and some Go-Lite, and I don't mean the shoes either.. hehe

SteveQ said...

I think vicodin sometimes causes constipation. Oatmeal and fruit should help, as anyone who's run on the trails with me can attest.

crowther said...

Patrick, have you seen the blog of fellow ultra guy Matt Hart?

He too is recovering from hernia surgery!

Loomdog said...

Yes, narcotic pain meds slow GI tract motility (= constipation) Key is to get your body moving walk after meals even if 3-5 minutes and get it rolling.

And yes, what up with PR, Hart and Nippert all with Hernia surgery this month??? Odd.

Hopw you continue to heal well