Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coming To You Live! With Ice On My Crotch

A mixed bag today. I started off by walking over the the Highland Park Lifetime Fitness and stretching while Katie finished her workout. It may have proved to be a little too much too soon. I just haven't seen as much improvement today. As with yesterday, the general, all-around pain is way down, but the tenderness and, at times, downright excruciating pain around the incisions/hernias is holding out. But the biggest factor is my frustration with the pain. It is beginning to wear on me a little bit. I'm tired of being in pain also a little sick of lying in bed.

I have also found that I can't watch anything funny. I got blindsided by America's Funniest Home Videos tonight. Laughing hurts. What can I say, when some kid gets nailed in the junk with a water balloon its high comedy. Then I tried watching Arrested Development, but how can I survive exchanges like:

Tobias: I'll contact the Hot Cops. Maybe they can come up with something more "nautically" themed. Maybe the "Hot Sailors". Or better yet, "Hot Sea....
Michael: Hot Sailors is good! I like Hot Sailors.
Tobias: (sigh) Me too.

That's gold, Jerry.

Katie has been a regular Florence Nightingale this past week. I have never been left wanting. Also I don't have to tie my own shoes anymore.

I had planned on going back to work tomorrow, but that may be on hold. I do have to go in and take the mid-term for Intro to Fed Income Tax from last Thursday. That's at 8 a.m. and I may just walk over to work and see how things go. I have a feeling I will be coming home by lunch if I don't feel better than today.

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Gregg said...

Hey PR!
you know, if you can make it to a department store or Goodwill you most likely will find some Velcro shoes....Nice!