Thursday, August 16, 2007

You've Got To Start Somewhere

AM: 49 min :: 7+M
PM: 3M wm/cd; 16x400 w/ 100m rec (Avg 72.9, Best 67.8) :: 10M

If I had to pick one workout that I consider "my" workout, this would be it. Its simple, its fast, and it seems to give a pretty good indication of my current level of fitness. Normally I would be a bit disappointed in the times I was running today, but coming from where I was at I'll take it. I did have to tweak the rest between reps 8-9 and 12-13. I was getting a little overheated and stale so I took 60 secs between those intervals instead of the usual 100m. I was pretty bent on covering the full volume of the workout today so I compromised.

I warmed up to the St Thomas track since Minnehaha was again busy with football practice. I might continue to do this in the future because it forces me to get in a warm up and cooldown. At Minnehaha it is so easy to just walk across the street after I'm done with the workout.

On the injury front, it seems weird, but I had almost no pain during the intervals. The only thing that bothered me was a lack of power in my calves and ankles. I was just getting no push off there today. I figure it is because of the increased volume over the past couple of days. Its been awhile since I've done three doubles in a row. I'll try to give myself some recovery over the next couple of days.

Steve Martin was a funny guy (pre-Bringing Down the House)
The Bacon Tomb

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SteveQ said...

You're doing the same workouts I did 25 years ago! I'd run 400s in 70-72 with 1 minute rest (75 seconds early in the season) and see how many I could do. 16 was common, 25 my best. Unfortunately, I trained better than I raced.