Monday, July 16, 2007

Week of Jul 9 - 15

Total Miles for Week (Year): 90 (2456)
Long Run: 22M

Not a bad week of volume for essentially missing two days early on. I'm so conflicted when evaluating these weekend workouts. Objectively, for where I'm at right now, I thought it was a solid run. It could have been a little more even, but I still managed to come back from the dead and finish it off in good form. But as I look ahead to my stated goals...

Sub-50:00 for 10 miles
Sub-30:00 for 10k
2:20 for 26.2M

... well, its hard to imagine stringing those type of performaces together right now. On the bright side, I looked at my little plan today and was amazed to see how much time was left before TCM. And that is the overriding goal, TCM. So I'll keep plugging away and hopefully the workouts will get faster as I go along.

The Lumberjack Days 10M on Saturday should give me a good gauge of where I'm at. The weather probably won't be ideal, but the course is fast and the competition should be good, so two out of three ain't bad.

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